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    Lanae Norwood & Associates is a dynamic consulting firm specializing in a comprehensive suite of services designed to elevate your organization’s communication, digital presence, and strategic outreach. Our team of polymathic experts combines innovative techniques with proven strategies to deliver impactful results. 


    UCLA CARE at Work
    Developed a comprehensive communications strategy integrating with UCLA CARE’s activities to enhance advocacy and policy narratives around labor rights for Black workers. Additionally, we provided end-to-end support for event planning, promotion, and implementation, ensuring that each event effectively conveyed CARE's research, coursework, and worker rights advocacy.
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    SEIU Education Support Fund (Childcare Providers United Training Fund)
    Developed and refined strategies to initiate CCPU-TF's digital advocacy efforts, creating key messaging and branding to align with broader organizational activities.
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    Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund
    Developed and tailored culturally responsive messaging to navigate the unique challenges of the 2020 election, focusing on safe voting practices and the importance of Black voter participation.
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    California Calls
    As a subcontractor for the State of California, we developed the foundation for My Black Counts and the California Redistricting Hub communications strategy, ensuring messaging was clear, impactful, and aligned with our goal of statewide census outreach to hard-to-count African American communities. 
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    Fresno Economic Opportunities Commission
    Developed tailored messaging and outreach strategies that authentically engaged target demographics and addressed systemic barriers to financial access.
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    National Association of Latino Elected and Appointed Officials (NALEO)- Together We Can
    Developed a brand identity to establish the campaign's visual messaging strategy. We designed eye-catching and relatable content to reach the target audience.
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    Just San Bernardino Collaborative (Just SB)- Coalition Communications Support
    Developed engaging visual content and narratives, effectively communicating the campaign's message and goals.
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    Ella Baker Center Action Fund
    Provided overarching management and coordination to support the implementation of a Civic Engagement Plan to mobilize system-impacted voters
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    Yes on prop 16
    Proposition 16 – Yes on Prop 16
    Provided in-depth strategic advisement, leveraging expertise in community outreach, civic engagement, and digital campaigning to support the Yes on Proposition 16 initiative.
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