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    California Calls

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    California Calls


    L. Norwood and Associates, subcontracted by the state of California, created two pivotal campaigns for the California Calls coalition, “The California Redistricting Hub” and “My Black Counts.” These initiatives sought to engage and educate California’s Hard-to-Count (HTC) communities about the critical importance of the census and redistricting processes amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. The goal was to address and overcome skepticism surrounding the census, encourage active participation, and underscore the significance of accurate representation for Black communities in California. We leveraged a comprehensive communications and digital marketing strategy to reach over 1.3 million California residents..


    The primary challenge was crafting and implementing a communications and digital marketing strategy that could effectively manage and enhance the brand’s messaging to reach a broader audience. This challenge was compounded by the need to engage communities traditionally undercounted and disproportionately affected by quality-of-life issues amidst the unprecedented global pandemic.


    Lanae Norwood & Associates adopted a holistic and strategic approach to tackle these challenges head-on. Our efforts were multifaceted:

    • Strategic Communications Planning: We spearheaded the development of a targeted communications strategy, focusing on political and public education to ensure communities understood the direct impact of census participation on their lives.
    • Design & Creative Content: Our team developed a brand identity and produced compelling content and visuals, creating a brand iteration that resonated with the target audience while fostering a sense of empowerment and urgency.
    • Email and Mobile Marketing Strategy: We implemented targeted email and mobile campaigns designed to inform and motivate participation through personalized, culturally resonating messaging.
    • Website Development & Maintenance: We designed and developed a dedicated campaign website, which served as the central hub for information, resources, and engagement, ensuring accessibility and up-to-date content.
    • Campaign Management: Our comprehensive campaign management encompassed all aspects of planning, execution, and monitoring, ensuring that each component worked seamlessly together towards the overarching goal.
    • Video Production: We produced content highlighting the importance of the census and redistricting process. These video assets were tailored to the unique informational needs of Black HTC communities and disseminated across various online platforms to achieve maximum engagement. They also featured endorsements from notable Black elected officials and community leaders.
    • Digital Ads & Online Marketing: We leveraged digital advertising to amplify our message across various online platforms, significantly expanding our reach and engagement.


    Our integrated approach bolstered the coalition’s online presence and community engagement. “My Black Counts” successfully enhanced awareness and participation in the 2020 census and redistricting process among hard-to-count Black communities. We effectively communicated the campaign’s emphasis on the importance of Black representation in building political power and addressing systemic racism, contributing to a more informed and empowered electorate.
    The campaign contributed to building a more resilient and active civic community during an unprecedented time.


    • Strategic Communications Planning
    • Design & Creative Content
    • Email and Mobile Marketing Strategy
    • Website Development & Maintenance
    • Campaign Management
    • Video Production
    • Digital Ads & Online Marketing