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    Ella Baker Center Action Fund

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    Ella Baker Center Action Fund


    L. Norwood and Associates was engaged to provide comprehensive campaign management support to the Ella Baker Center Action Fund during their Civic Engagement Program. This included communications, digital strategy, base building, and organizing infrastructure development. The initiative focused on mobilizing system-impacted voters and building an integrated communications and digital strategy that resonated with shared values of community-centered safety and justice across Alameda County and other key regions in California.


    The challenge was twofold: to devise and implement a dynamic strategy to effectively engage and mobilize a specific target group of 1,000 system-impacted voters and establish a robust digital and organizing infrastructure to support the Ella Baker Center Action Fund’s political organizing activities. The project required a multifaceted approach, integrating political consulting, digital organizing, and capacity building to meet the Fund’s objectives.

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    Strategic Planning and Analysis 

    • Political Consulting and Organizing Planning: Focused on strategic planning and coordination to integrate organizing efforts into the Fund’s overarching strategy. This included political research, analysis, and power mapping to identify key actors and opportunities.
    • Capacity-Building Support: Provided guidance on narrative and storytelling strategies and stakeholder communications.

    Digital Organizing Infrastructure Development 

    • Digital Tool Management: Identified and set up digital organizing tools to support voter outreach, including phone banking and text banking platforms.

    Organizing Training and Capacity Building 

    • Customized Training Environments: Developed training modules to enhance staff and stakeholders’ understanding of organizing and voter outreach best practices.
    • Support for Organizing Team: Prepared and coached the organizing team on utilizing voter data tools and managing canvassing activities.

    Civic Engagement Plan Implementation 

    • Voter Contact and Canvassing Support: Assisted in setting up field canvassing tools and accessing voter files, focusing on building initial voter universes and cutting turf.


    The collaboration advanced the Ella Baker Center Action Fund’s ability to reach and mobilize system-impacted voters. The successful implementation of the Civic Engagement Plan demonstrated a measurable increase in voter engagement and participation, contributing to the Fund’s overarching goals of advocating for community-centered safety and justice.


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