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    Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund

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    Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund


    Lanae Norwood Consulting LLC partnered with the Evelyn and Walter Haas, Jr. Fund to spearhead the “My Black Vote Counts” campaign, a pivotal initiative to engage Black voters in the 2020 election cycle—a year marked by unprecedented challenges. This campaign was meticulously designed to address the complexities of voting amid a pandemic, counter misinformation, and leverage digital tools for socially distanced outreach. At its core, the project sought to create a suite of digital assets, including videos, social media ads, and text messages tailored to promote voting by mail and early voting among Black communities.


    The 2020 election unfolded against a backdrop of a global pandemic, social unrest, and a nationwide reckoning with racial injustice. Black communities, in particular, faced multifaceted challenges: navigating voter suppression, combating misinformation about mail-in voting, and seeking safe voting options. In response, L. Norwood and Associates conceived the “My Black Vote Counts” campaign to empower Black voters with reliable information and encourage participation through mail-in ballots and early voting options. The initiative had to cut through the noise, offering clear, compelling messaging resonating with Black voters’ lived experiences and concerns.

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    • Strategic Communications Planning: We embarked on a data-informed strategy, incorporating research and insights from UC Riverside and the Movement Advancement Project. This foundation helped shape our messaging to emphasize the safety and efficacy of mail-in voting.
    • Creative Content Development and Design: Produced two thirty-second videos and a series of static social media ads. We put these assets through creative and message testing to ensure they would effectively engage Black voters.
    • Messaging Testing and Refinement: Engaged in extensive testing of the creative assets with sample audiences, refining our content based on feedback to select the most impactful messages and visuals.
    • Mobile Organizing Strategy and Technical Assistance: Provided comprehensive support to local civic engagement organizations, facilitating the deployment of text messages and offering live training and technical assistance to ensure a wide-reaching impact.


    The “My Black Vote Counts” campaign significantly contributed to the 2020 election’s record-breaking voter turnout, especially among Black communities. By demystifying mail-in voting and providing actionable information, the campaign helped make voting more accessible. Over 600,000 voters were reached, with over 60,000 engaging with online content. This initiative supported Black voters in exercising their rights and played a part in the broader movement for racial justice and equity. It underscored the power of digital engagement tools in reaching and mobilizing voters in challenging times.


    • Strategic Communications Planning
    • Email and Mobile Marketing Strategy
    • Social Media and Marketing Management
    • Digital Ads & Online Marketing
    • Video Production

    The “My Black Vote Counts” initiative exemplifies the transformative potential of targeted, culturally informed communication campaigns and demonstrates the importance of adapting outreach efforts to meet the moment’s demands.