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    Just San Bernardino Collaborative (Just SB)- Coalition Communications Support

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    Just San Bernardino Collaborative (Just SB)- Coalition Communications Support


    Lanae Norwood & Associates embarked on an ambitious project with the Just San Bernardino Collaborative (Just SB) to launch their mission to actively shape and advocate for an inclusive economic development model. Just SB is working to change the story and future of economic development in San Bernardino County and the larger Inland Empire region and to create more economic opportunities for San Bernardino working families by working together with residents in order to create a community-centered economy that truly benefits local residents.

    The campaign focused on developing a comprehensive digital presence, including a custom landing page, engaging video content, and targeted digital marketing efforts.


    The primary challenge was to support the alignment of a clear vision and brand identity amongst over a dozen organizations working on different issue areas toward a shared collaborative vision. Another significant challenge was to engage a broad audience of historically marginalized communities, including students and community stakeholders, and encourage their active participation in the campaign and survey—the project aimed to overcome barriers to visibility and engagement through innovative civic engagement and digital strategies with compelling narratives.

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    • Brand Development: We designed a unique approach to collecting feedback from multiple stakeholders to create a brand identity and guidelines that informed all communications and outreach materials.
    • Website Development & Maintenance: Developed a custom landing page that served as the campaign’s digital hub, providing information, resources, and video content featuring grassroots organizations and community members.
    • Design & Creative Content/ Social Media Strategy: Undertook the development of a partner toolkit to create visually striking content that resonated with the campaign’s goals. This included messaging, scripts, and narrative development tailored to highlight the stories and experiences of the Inland Empire communities and support grassroots organizations by deploying and amplifying a unified message and approach.
    • Print and Direct Mail: To broaden the initiative’s reach, we completed civic engagement efforts with print to support the field campaign, ensuring that the message of the Just SB Collaborative resonated in the homes of community members.
    • Technical Assistance and Capacity Building: We facilitated multiple touchpoints and training to support grassroots organizations with the deployment and execution of the campaign strategy.


    The Just San Bernardino Collaborative (Just SB) campaign significantly raised awareness and support for economic justice and equity in San Bernardino County. The custom toolkit became a central resource for information and engagement for stakeholders, fostering a deeper coalition engagement and community connection.

    The JUST SB brand and content is admired and widely recognized and utilized by a diverse community of stakeholders.


    • Website Development & Maintenance
    • Design & Creative Content
    • Social Media and Marketing Management
    • Print and Direct Mail

    Our approach to the Just SB Collaborative showcases the power of branding and strategic digital and traditional marketing in advocating for economic justice and equity. By highlighting the disparities and opportunities to invest in the community, the campaign contributed to a broader conversation about diversity, inclusion, and community empowerment, setting a precedent for future initiatives aiming to make a tangible difference in the community.