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    Proposition 16 – Yes on Prop 16

    L. Norwood & Associates is a dynamic consulting firm specializing in a comprehensive suite of services designed to elevate your organization’s communication, digital presence, and strategic outreach. Our well-rounded team of passionate polymathic experts combines innovative techniques with proven strategies to deliver impactful results.

    Yes on prop 16

    Proposition 16 – Yes on Prop 16


    Lanae Norwood & Associates partnered with the Yes on Proposition 16 campaign, an initiative to repeal California’s ban on affirmative action, established by Prop 209. This effort sought to galvanize support for affirmative action across the state, emphasizing the mobilization of African American voters and leveraging strategic advisement to navigate the complexities of community outreach and civic engagement.


    The campaign faced the dual challenge of reversing a long-standing legislative stance against affirmative action and engaging a diverse yet fragmented electorate on this issue. Central to this was the need to energize and mobilize Black voters, particularly Black women, who are often the most reliable demographic yet historically underrepresented in policy advocacy spaces. The initiative required nuanced understanding and strategic execution to shift perceptions and foster widespread support for Proposition 16.

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    We developed a strategy that included direct outreach, digital campaigning, and community mobilization tailored to resonate with and activate the Black community.

    • Strategic Coalition Building: Positioned as strategic advisors, Lanae Norwood & Associates facilitated the coalition of over 300 organizations, crafting a unified front to advocate for the repeal of Prop 209.
    • Targeted Voter Engagement: Developed a distributed organizing program to engage Black-led organizations and communities. This program combined grassroots organizing with digital campaigns to reach voters across various platforms.
    • Community Mobilization: Implemented a series of targeted outreach initiatives designed to activate and inform Black voters, focusing on empowering Black women within the electorate. The strategy encompassed direct community engagement, social media campaigns, and virtual town halls to foster dialogue and support for Proposition 16.
    • Strategic Advisement: Offered comprehensive strategic advisement on marketing, communications, and organizing tactics to ensure the message of affirmative action’s importance resonated deeply within African American communities and beyond.


    The Yes on Proposition 16 campaign significantly increased awareness and support for affirmative action within California. The campaign amplified the voices and participation of Black voters, especially Black women, in the electoral process. While Proposition 16 faced challenges at the ballot, the campaign’s impact extended beyond the vote, sparking renewed conversations around race, equality, and justice in California’s legislative and social fabric. Our strategies fostered deeper community engagement and mobilized a more informed, engaged, and active electorate, laying the groundwork for future advocacy on affirmative action and related issues.


    • Strategic Advisement

    By focusing on mobilizing a key demographic and crafting messages that resonate with the community’s values and experiences, L. Norwood and Associates highlight the importance of nuanced, community-centered approaches in advocacy campaigns.