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    SEIU Education Support Fund (Childcare Providers United Training Fund)

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    SEIU Education Support Fund (Childcare Providers United Training Fund)


    Lanae Norwood Consulting LLC embarked on a comprehensive project with the SEIU Education Support Fund to launch and define the digital and communicative identity of the Childcare Providers United Training Fund (CCPU-TF). This initiative aimed to define CCPU-TF’s digital presence and establish a comprehensive communications ecosystem from the ground up. Central to our endeavor was creating accessible communications hubs designed to serve childcare professionals from diverse cultures with a focus on language justice to offer access to resources, including business workshops, skills training, university opportunities, funding, and technology access. We utilized strategic communications, website development, social media management, and multimedia documentation to amplify CCPU-TF’s advocacy for childcare providers.


    The primary challenge was to introduce and solidify CCPU-TF’s digital presence. Our goal was to craft and integrate a multilingual communications infrastructure that would not only disseminate information but also encapsulate a suite of resources tailored for childcare professionals. CCPU-TF needed a robust, multi-dimensional online presence to educate, engage, and mobilize its community around the importance of support and training for childcare providers.


    • Strategic Communications Planning: We developed a year-long comprehensive communications strategy that seamlessly integrated with CCPU-TF’s ongoing and upcoming activities, including a brand and messaging guide to help define CCPU’s voice. This strategy laid the groundwork for all subsequent efforts, ensuring cohesive messaging across all platforms.
    • Multilingual Website Development: An 8-page WordPress website was designed and launched in five languages (Arabic, Somali, English, Spanish, and Simplified Chinese). This website served as a central hub for information, resources, and training opportunities for childcare providers.
    • Social Media and Marketing Management: A dynamic social media campaign was kick-started alongside brand development to build a solid online presence. This included creating a content strategy that resonated with CCPU-TF’s goals and audience.
      Photo and Video Documentation: Across multiple cities, we captured the essence of CCPU-TF’s training programs and the childcare providers in action. This involved meticulous pre-production planning, on-site photography, and videography, followed by post-production to create compelling narratives.

    Upon establishing a solid foundation of brand and digital assets for CCPU-TF, we transitioned into a phase of ongoing support to ensure the sustainability and growth of the initiative’s communications efforts. This phase included comprehensive monthly services encompassing strategic communications planning, content strategy and creation, social media management, and website maintenance.


    The strategic communications plan enhanced CCPU-TF’s ability to reach and engage with childcare providers and stakeholders. The multilingual website broadened access to valuable resources, ensuring crucial information was accessible to a wider audience. Through social media and marketing efforts, CCPU-TF’s online presence became a vibrant community of engaged followers, increasing awareness and participation in their programs. The photo and video documentation projects highlighted the real-life impact of CCPU-TF’s work and were powerful tools for advocacy and storytelling.

    Additionally, our holistic approach to ongoing communications support has helped establish CCPU-TF as a trusted resource for childcare professionals, promoting recognition of their professional status and access to essential resources for diverse cultures.


    • Strategic communications planning
    • Design and creative content
    • Email and mobile marketing strategy
    • Web Development and Maintenance
    • Social Media and Marketing Management
    • Video Production