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    UCLA CARE at Work

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    UCLA CARE at Work


    Lanae Norwood Consulting LLC partnered with UCLA CARE at Work to bolster its communication efforts, focusing on advocating for Black workers’ rights and equitable recovery. The project aimed to integrate strategic communications with UCLA CARE’s activities, emphasizing storytelling, event promotion, and digital engagement to highlight the importance of Black worker power building.


    UCLA CARE at Work sought to shift values and consciousness around equitable recovery for Black workers through effective communication strategies. Our work aimed to build an awareness campaign centering Black workers within the UCLA Labor Center. The challenge was to develop a nuanced communications plan that supported UCLA CARE’s objectives and engaged a broad audience, including UCLA students, faculty, and the broader Black community.

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    • Strategic Communications Planning: Developed a year-long communications strategy, including message framing, communication goals, and a detailed activity timeline. This plan aimed to leverage the UCLA brand to support Black workers and engage the Black Bruin community.
    • Content Planning and Strategy Development: Implemented an integrated content calendar and developed key messages to lead storytelling efforts, uplifting the work of partners and anchors engaging with Black workers.
    • Event Marketing and Support: Designed branding and marketing materials for key events, coordinating with various CARE departments to ensure cohesive promotion strategies.
    • Training and Capacity Building: Provided training sessions for the UCLA CARE team, enhancing their skills in partnership development and communications strategy execution.


    The strategic communications plan and its execution significantly elevated UCLA CARE’s visibility and advocacy efforts, engaging the UCLA community and broader audiences in meaningful conversations about Black workers’ rights. The content strategy and storytelling initiatives effectively communicated the critical importance of equitable recovery and the impact of disaster capitalism, leading to a measurable shift in values and consciousness among stakeholders. This comprehensive approach not only fostered a deeper understanding and support for Black worker power building but also contributed to developing a more informed and engaged community, ready to advocate for and contribute to systemic changes that benefit Black workers. Through targeted events, digital engagement, and compelling narratives, UCLA CARE at Work successfully mobilized support and built stronger coalitions, enhancing its position as a leader in the fight for workers’ rights and equitable recovery.


    • Strategic Communications Planning
    • Email and Mobile Marketing Strategy
    • Social Media and Marketing Management