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    Celebrating Small Businesses During AAPI Heritage Month

    Celebrating Diversity: Asian and Black Solidarity in Business Collaboration

    As an Asian-owned accounting firm at Madly CPA, we value the unique perspectives and experiences that different communities bring to the table. We are proud to work alongside our clients, such as L.Norwood & Associates, a black-owned consulting firm, to foster a culture of inclusivity and solidarity.


    In today’s interconnected world, businesses thrive when they embrace diversity and build bridges across communities. Collaboration between minority-owned enterprises strengthens our individual businesses and contributes to a more equitable and vibrant economy.


    Join us during AAPI Heritage Month to celebrate the synergy of Asian and Black partnerships in business collaboration.

    If you’re in need of CFO, CPA, and bookkeeping services, please reach out to our firm, Madly CPA, via our New Client Inquiry Form or email support@madlycpa.com, and our team will get in touch with you.



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