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    Devanshi Joshi

    Devanshi Joshi, a professional with a Master’s in IT, started her career as a front-end developer. With her passion for management, she transitioned into the role of a Project Manager, where her communication and technical became the main pillars of her journey.

    In her role, she takes care of the entire client relations, ensuring each client has a meaningful partnership. She believes in the power of effective communication to bridge the gap between technical details and client expectations.

    Beyond her time in office, Devanshi finds her peace in the world of literature, finding herself lost in the world of imagination. For her, Yoga is not just a physical exercise, it’s a mindful practice that brings balance to her busy life.

    Whether lost in a captivating novel or striking a yoga pose, Devanshi mixes every aspect of her life with a genuine and compassionate touch their brands.

    Written by: LNAwebsite